BG&E fined for violation at Calvert Cliffs

December 06, 1990

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has fined Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. $12,500 for violating security procedures at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant near Lusby.

The Sept. 13 violation involved a security supervisor who allowed dozens of employees into the plant without a proper search after the supervisor had ordered the alarms on metal detectors turned down because they were malfunctioning.

NRC security regulations call for a hands-on search of all people whenever the metal detectors are out of service or not operating properly. During the 15 minutes the alarms were turned down, the NRC said, 100 people entered the plant.

BG&E does not plan to appeal the fine, said Arthur J. Slusark, director of public information for BG&E. He said that some workers involved in the incident have been reassigned to non-nuclear facilities, that workers have undergone additional training in this area of security and equipment malfunctions, and that the metal detectors were repaired shortly after the incident.

In a letter to BG&E, Thomas T. Martin, regional administrator, wrote: "Given the number of individuals involved, as well as the poor judgment exercised by the responsible security shift supervisor and the lack of response by other security officers present, the NRC considers this violation significant.`

The fine for such a violation is usually $50,000. But because of BG&E's good performance in security in the past, the NRC said, the fine was reduced by 75 per cent.

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