Redskins drop Mojsiejenko, sign Goodburn

December 05, 1990|By Vito Stellino

Punter Ralf Mojsiejenko's season-long slump cost him his job yesterday, when the Washington Redskins signed Kelly Goodburn to replace him.

Mojsiejenko had a 39.2-yard average this year, including 33.5 yards Sunday in four punts against the Miami Dolphins.

"I've never been in a slump before, but I believe I can still punt in this league," Mojsiejenko said. "This shows there is really no security in the league."

Mojsiejenko averaged 43.0 yards last year, the second-best Washington mark in 20 years and the fifth-best in the National Football League.

"When a guy like this gets into a slump, you can't keep two of them," general manager Charley Casserly said. "It's the nature of the position."

Goodburn, who averaged 40.1 yards last year with the Kansas City Chiefs, was averaging only 38.4 yards when he was cut by the Chiefs after three games, but Casserly said 12 of his 17 punts landed inside the 20. In his fourth season, Goodburn has a career average of 40.2 yards, and not one of his kicks have been blocked.

Mojsiejenko's agent, Steve Weinberg, said there's a chance the San Francisco 49ers could pick him up because Barry Helton has been struggling. Mojsiejenko said that if he's not picked up this year, he hopes to get a shot with a team next year in training camp.

"Even if I never play again, I've had six years [with San Diego and Washington]," he said. "I've been blessed."

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