49ers-Giants score big on ABC

December 05, 1990

NEW YORK (AP) -- The San Francisco 49ers' 7-3 victory over the New York Giants was the most-watched Monday night game in ABC-TV's 21 years of doing "Monday Night Football," the network said yesterday.

While its A.C. Nielsen rating was well off the record, the game was watched by an estimated 41 million people.

"It's good news," ABC spokesman Andrew Dallos said. "We're more than satisfied."

The game drew a national rating of 27.0 and a share of 42. The record was set on Dec. 2, 1985, for a Chicago Bears-Miami Dolphins game, rated at 29.6 with a 46 share. That game, however, was watched by an estimated 39 million people.

A rating point is the percentage of televisions in America; the share refers to the percentage of televisions in use. A ratings point is considered to be about 931,000 homes, substantially more than in 1985.

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