Guard at Pen critically hurt in stabbing

December 05, 1990|By Lynda Robinson

A Maryland Penitentiary guard was in critical condition last night at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center after an inmate stabbed him at least 11 times with a homemade knife, said state police Sgt. Gregory M. Shipley.

Wendell A. Winchester, 30, of Baltimore, was stabbed by a 32-year-old inmate as he and another correctional officer were doing cell checks on the ground floor of the South Wing, Sergeant Shipley said.

The inmate, whose name will not be released until he is charged, is serving life plus 10 years for rape, battery and larceny, Sergeant Shipley said. The inmate has been at the prison since 1976.

Prison officials do not have a motive for the stabbing, although it appeared to be an attack on Officer Winchester, the sergeant said.

He and the other officer were entering the inmate's cell to tap the floor and make sure there were no tunnels underneath.

They took the inmate out of the cell, but he followed them back into it and attacked Officer Winchester with a 7-inch knife, according to the other officer.

The South Wing is one of the oldest, most decrepit sections of the Penitentiary. It is used to segregate problem inmates from the rest of the prison population, Sergeant Shipley said.

Maryland Penitentiary guard Herman L. Toulson was stabbed tdeath in the South Wing six years ago.

A female officer was injured in another stabbing June 5.

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