Reservists Called Up

December 05, 1990

WESTMINSTER - A Westminster-based Army Reserve unit has been called to serve at least six months of active duty in Texas as a result of the American military operations in the Middle East.

Fifteen members of the 195th Army Reserve stationed at the Carroll County Army Reserve Center were notified last Wednesday that they were being activated and were flown to Fort Hood, Texas, Friday morning.

The unit's chief warrant officer, Kirk W. Atwood, said the reservists, all specialized mechanics, were mobilized to another unit to help replace a heavy equipment maintenance division participating in the Desert Shield mobilization in Saudi Arabia.

Atwood was unable to release the names of the reservists who went to Texas, except to say that they were local residents. Other sources said three of the reservists were women.

The Westminster-based group is the first local unit to be activated due to the Middle East crisis, which erupted Aug. 2. Other Maryland units from Towson and Salisbury already are on active duty in connection with the crisis.

Atwood said the group, part of a 100-plus member unit, seemed in good spirits when they left Friday, noting that going to Texas was better than going to Saudi Arabia, although future events in the Middle East are uncertain.

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