Readers write

Readers write

December 05, 1990


From: Michael and Rosemarie Joyce

Ellicott City

We intentionally waited until now to send this long-overdue thank you for the outstanding article that Jackie Powder wrote on our sons, Ian and Joe Joyce, who are afflicted with Batten's disease ("Parents Won't Let Their Afflicted Sons Just Fade Away", Page 4, Sept. 5).

The wait isn't because we weren't pleased. We wanted to share with you the impact the story has had on the community.

First, we're both very pleased and impressed with the accuracy of the story. Batten's is a complex disease that causes multiple impairments to children.

The story Jackie wrote was 100 percent accurate. In addition, her writing style allowed the readers to understand the outcome of the disease without being overly emotional.

I'm confident that the story contributed to the success of the 1990 Children's Brain Diseases Bike Tour. The tour raised over $10,000 for much-needed research. Please feel proud that she and The Howard County Sun made an important contribution to this effort.

People continue to approach us and say, "Aren't they the little boys that were in the Howard County Sun article?" Many more people now know about Batten's. Hopefully, we'll no longer be referred to as an orphan's disease.

Again we say thank you. We hope to be able to work with Jackie again someday.


From: James S. Ansell

Ellicott City

Other than being an attorney for some years, I spent a six-year stint in the regular Navy, from 1941-1947, whereby I was approximately two years in the Pacific, all of which included the Second World War time.

Why this letter? I just came back from filling up my car with gas before the 5 cent tax goes into effect. Although I am not overly fond of taxes as such, I really know there will always be death and taxes, not necessarily in that order.

What then is my problem? Having as well run for office here in Howard County, a small county in a small state, I think I can grasp politics somewhat.

What I cannot grasp, as I still believe in our system of capitalism, (is) how our government can allow the oil industry, from wellhead to the the local service station, to greedily jack up gas and oil prices without any apparent reason other than the greed.

Get to the point? Maybe one or more of you could explain why windfall profits, as well as other obvious sanctions, should not be put on the greedy Americans (not Arabs) who have created this recession, which has affected everyone, including businesses which will, of course, pass (costs) on down to the consumer.

Can anyone see why the oil industry should not bank the cost of the oversea venture, or whatever it may be called? I eagerly await your views.

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