The littlest black dress

December 05, 1990|By N.Y. Times News Service

The little black dress has certainly gone through a metamorphosis. For what seems like forever, this was the sort of garment every woman wanted to keep on hand. Simple and unobtrusive, a little black dress could be counted on to make one look proper, discreet but well-dressed and never out of place.

All that has changed. This winter's little black dresses are the stuff of sensationalism. Every woman with a great figure and there seem to be a lot of them is parading around showing off her good shape in variations of this hottest new fashion.

First of all, there shouldn't be too much dress. To fit the current mode, it should be no more than a snip of a slip. The hemline should be as high as a wearer dare go, while the top, usually held up with minute straps, should be just as daringly low. It can either fit like a glove or hang straight from d'ecolletage to hem.

These conversation-stopping dresses come in all kinds of fabrics and they are best with very little adornment. And, of course, they never have a belt to interrupt the line.

Accessories, too, should be kept to a minimum. The panty hose covering the long expanse of leg should have a slight veiling of black, but the flesh tone should show through. Black high-heeled sandals or pumps finish off the look.

There is one absolutely necessary ingredient, however: Any wearer of the new little black dress must possess plenty of self-confidence.

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