Don't put knock on Florida StateIn his column of Nov. 23...

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December 04, 1990

Don't put knock on Florida State

In his column of Nov. 23, Bill Tanton diminishes Florida State's entry into the ACC because the school dropped four football players for not going to class, and because of the "disgraceful" brawl between Florida State and Louisiana State earlier this season.

Mr. Tanton also quotes a "longtime" Eastern athletic director who said of ACC commissioner Gene Corrigan: "I hope he's still going to confession, taking that bunch in the ACC."

Both Mr. Tanton and the unnamed Eastern AD are showing a total disregard of the record. Since Bobby Bowden has been at Florida State, he has run one of the cleanest, best and well-respected football programs in the country. In fact, Bobby Bowden's program is the envy of many coaches and ADs, one of which is obviously the anonymous Eastern AD in Tanton's column.

2(Fred Davis (FSU class of '62), Pasadena

College game goes bowling for dollars

John Steadman's column, "Bowl sponsors should be run out of bounds," (Nov. 26) was great -- and long overdue. I share his thoughts, as I'm sure most people do, regarding the bowl promoters who have sold their bowls' names to corporate


While the Rose Bowl has remained above most others, it did allow its game balls last year to be imprinted by Chrysler Corp., a subtle intrusion.

Joe Loveless, Denton

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