Boyfriend's arrest stuns missing woman's parents

December 04, 1990|By Roger Twigg

Even though 19-year-old Melissa Lynn Watkins' body has still not been found, her 21-year-old childhood sweetheart was sent to the Baltimore City Jail yesterday to await trial for her murder.

Guy Demetric Williams of the 5200 block of Denview way was arrested Saturday at the home of Ms. Watkins' parents in the 3600 block of Erdman Avenue. The arrest left the victim's parents, James and Carolyn Watkins, surprised, confused and angry.

"I never suspected him," said Carolyn Watkins. "Not from his actions and the concern that he showed."

Mr. Williams was the father of Melissa Lynn Watkins' 3-month-old girl and the two lived together, the police said. Since Nov. 12, when Ms. Watkins disappeared, Mr. Williams helped organize neighborhood searches for her and helped distribute some 6,000 fliers soliciting aid from the public.

He even went on television and radio asking for assistance in finding his girlfriend.

Mrs. Watkins said the two had been sweethearts since the eighth grade. "He was the only boyfriend she ever had," she said.

Mr. Williams was arrested on warrants charging him with first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a felony, said Dennis S. Hill, a police spokesman.

Mr. Hill said the murder and handgun charges were lodged despite the fact that police have not found Ms. Watkins' body. "What in

formation was gained was sufficient probable cause for arrest," he said.

Although police apparently have only limited information and no body or murder weapon, they believe that the slaying resulted from a quarrel. Mrs. Watkins said she spoke with her daughter, a 1989 graduate of Dunbar Senior High School, on Nov. 12 -- the day she disappeared -- and said she sounded cheerful.

Mrs. Watkins said her daughter graduated from a business school in June and was planning on going to work this month when her daughter, Racquel Williams, would be 4 months old.

"I knew something was wrong," Carolyn Watkins said. "My daughter used to call me three times a day. She was my only girl. We were more than mother and daughter; we were friends."

She said she does not know what might have motivated the slaying.

"The police haven't told me anything. They said when they get things together they would let me know," Mrs. Watkins said. "They just said that she wouldn't be coming back home."

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