Hilde Spiel, an author who made England her second home...

Deaths elsewhere

December 04, 1990

Hilde Spiel, an author who made England her second home after she fled Austria to escape the Nazis, died Thursday night at her home in Vienna. She was 79. Most of Ms. Spiel's work was written in German, but her novel "The Darkened Room" was published in 1961 in English.

Simone Cousteau, 72, who accompanied her husband, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, on hundreds of voyages aboard the marine research ship Calypso, died Sunday at her home in Monaco. The cause of death was not given. Married in 1937, the Cousteaus for many years spent most of their time aboard the Calypso, sailing throughout the world to study marine biology, conduct underwater explorations, make films and promote conservation.

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