QuestionEditor: How come the U.S. can transport thousands...


December 04, 1990


Editor: How come the U.S. can transport thousands of men and pieces of fighting equipment but needs 6 to 8 weeks for the Post Office to deliver a Christmas cookie to a member of our armed forces?

Carolyn Fahrman.


Runaway Fathers

Editor: I feel I had to respond to the article about the new campaign aimed at warning prospective fathers. I think the title should be something like: '''You Play, You Should Pay, Sure, Ha Ha Ha.''

There is no one to enforce the child support laws. Very few absent fathers are brought to justice for their negligence. So, to me and to many other single mothers who are forced to support their children, mentally and financially, this campaign is a joke.

Most of these young men know that this is all talk because there is no one to force them to meet their obligations. The money used in this campaign could be better spent to educate the children and to enforce the existing child support laws.

Advertising is great. But these absent fathers know they do not have to fear the repercussions or reprisals. I think that using those financial resources to take all of the dodgers of their obligations to court or jail and publicizing the cause and effect would be a more believable deterrent than a cardboard picture on a moving vehicle.

Bonita Carreras-Williams.


Rudy Miller's Case

Editor: As a husband, father and grandfather, who is a staunch feminist, I abhor sex discrimination. If Rudy Miller was fired for demanding equal pay, WBAL should be challenged and Ms. Miller should prevail.

My concern in this matter is quite different: Should the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission involve itself in discrimination against a woman whose earnings exceed $141,000 in 1988 and is still working and can and has used her own resources to pursue her rights?

At a time when the federal budget, especially in the civil rights area, has been slashed, EEOC needs to use discretion in determining which issues it chooses to pursue.

Clearly, Ms. Miller's rights need to be protected, regardless of her income. It seems equally clear that EEOC selected to use its very limited resources because it wanted the publicity, rather than to pursue justice.

Rudy Miller has the talents and resources to pursue her own cause. EEOC needs to reassess its priorities.

Barry Tevian Whitman.


Fear of Taxing

Editor: The suggestions of the Linowes commission should be very frightening to Maryland taxpayers.

The combination of income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes, property closing costs, etc., is already one of the heaviest tax burdens in the country. To propose a large tax increase at a time of economic slowdown is outrageous economics and will only further depress the local economy.

More troubling is that the Linowes report recommends social engineering. It proposes to further redistribute wealth among social classes and political subdivisions. The euphemisms for redistribution are ''fair'' and ''progressive.''

Eastern Europeans and Russians know all about ''fair'' and ''progressive'' tax systems. They are gladly leaving their drab reality and long food lines for the uncertainty, but great personal rewards of a free-market economy.

The philosophy of Gov. William Donald Schaefer that big spending by the government enhances overall quality of life for all Marylanders is badly flawed. Taxes beyond those to provide essential services work against individual freedom, personal incentive and quality of life.

J. Anthony Tyler.


Keep Hunting

Editor: Deer hunters control the deer population, provide income for the state, provide food for the table and a little extra income for the butchers while doing absolutely nothing to harm our society. We all benefit from a hunting season, the farmer especially, and it saves the rest of us tax dollars. Without a hunt many deer would die of starvation and for no reason except for the so called ''animal rights activists.''

I would suggest that these activists direct their efforts to help save some of the numerous young people who die due to drugs and drug related problems and leave deer control to the Department of Natural Resources as they do an excellent job of it. Where the ''activists'' get the idea that they can decide for others what is right and what is wrong for others is unknown to me. I have not given them the right to speak for me on any matter and I know of no one who has.

Keep hunting, hunters, and keep up the good work DNR!

Dave Grinstead.

Glen Burnie.

Condom Care

Editor: I would like to warn the parents of students in high school who are against the distribution of condoms to the students.

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