Readers write

Readers write

December 04, 1990


From: Mike Gilligan

District 2 councilman

I would like to take one last opportunity to directly address the citizens of District 2 as their councilman.

When I think back over the past eight years I remember with pride many District 2 accomplishments, including the renovation and addition to Severn Elementary, a safer intersection and general road improvements for Elmhurst, the substantial Community Development Block Grant for the Queenstown-Severn Community Center, the Scattered Sites Grant for the Glen Burnie Recreation Association, the cafeteria and media center expansion at Glen Burnie High School, the repairs and improvements at Old Mill High School, county funding for the Marley Creek dredging project, the long-needed storm water project on Old Stage Road, activities for the Glen Burnie Centennial, and on and on.

I especially remember the people -- community associations, Band Parents, church groups, Little Leagues, PTAs, PTOs, CACs, Scout troops, veterans' organizations and each of the individual citizens that I have met county-wide. Although they all had different interests and concerns, they shared the common goal of "making it better."

I am grateful to each of them for caring enough to get involved and demanding the best work of their county councilman. As a member of the County Council, I will remember with pride what we have achieved for Anne Arundel County, but most of all, I'll remember the people.

The common thread of this reminiscence is people. The citizens of District 2 have a long history of involvement in their community and county. None of the accomplishments mentioned above could have been achieved without you and nothing you may wish for our district will succeed without you.

My assistant, Diane Sapp, and I would like to thank you for your kindness, your patience and the information that you have shared with us.

Your councilman will now be Ed Middlebrooks and his assistant is Sharon Chewning. Councilman Middlebrooks has assured me that continued constituent service will be their No. 1 priority. Please do not hesitate to call them with your concerns.

Best wishes to each of you for a happy holiday season and a successful 1991.


From: Margaret Burroughs

Save Our Streams

Anne Arundel County

I am writing to correct several inaccuracies that appeared in the article by John Morris entitled "River project dead in the water, critics charge" (The Anne Arundel County Sun, Nov. 22). Such inaccuracies can lead to misunderstandings and reflect poorly on The Sun and its staff.

The article states that two "staff members assigned to the Severn River Project are paid about $40,000 a year." Morris implies that each staff member receives this salary. In reality, their combined salaries last year were less than the $40,000 quoted.

The article quotes critics as saying that the project has relied too heavily on "Save Our Streams' own financial resources" rather than "community fund-raising." We would like to point out that, like all non-profit organizations, Maryland Save Our Streams' financial resources come directly from community fund-raising efforts.

Finally, Morris states that "much of the past year has been spent organizing the statewide Adopt-A-Stream program for the State Department of Natural Resources," implying that Severn River Project staff members were neglecting their own project. In reality, the Severn River Project has been a focus of the Adopt-A-Stream program since its inception and has benefited from Adopt-A-Stream's financial and other resources. The Adopt-A-Stream program provides the vehicle through which the Severn River Project carries out community outreach. Time spent by Severn River Project staff members on Adopt-A-Stream activities is a central part of their work in Anne Arundel County.


From: Margaret D. Brown


Marley Area Improvement Association

Unless the residents of the Marley Creek area turn out to support a denial of variances this Tuesday, it appears that the much-maligned creek will be further impacted with 16 town houses on eight acres located 160 feet on the north side of Forest Road, 120 feet west of Ridge Road, Marley Park.

The town house cluster development appears to be imminent in the expanded critical area buffer and habitat protection area if we do not prevail upon the powers that be to intervene.

The Marley Area Improvement Association Inc. is circulating a petition for the denial of variances to be handed over in the County Council Chambers, first floor, Arundel Center, Calvert and Northwest streets, Annapolis, Md. 21401. The support of residents in this endeavor is critical. They are requested to appear at the above address Tuesday (December 4) at 10:30 a.m.


From: Robert C. Fraser

Severna Park

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