Option: Adult Day Care

December 03, 1990|By Gary Gately

Woods Adult Day Care Center Inc. in Severn provides a welcome alternative to nursing homes for many of its estimated 60 elderly patients a day.

Providing meals, snacks, activities, recreation and some nursing care to seniors on weekdays, the center allows those caring for frail seniors at home to continue working and offers a much-needed respite. The center, one of several adult day-care facilities in Anne Arundel, is governed by a non-profit corporation and charges $41 a day.

Many experts view adult day care as a cheaper, more attractive alternative to nursing homes that allows seniors to continue living in the community. But demand for day care outpaces the supply, and many, particularly in the rural South County, live too far from day care and lack transportation. Limited state money helps pay the tab for some. But many seniors make too much to qualify for public assistance yet too little to pay the daily fee.

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