Likes AustinLast month, there was a letter that was most...


December 02, 1990

Likes Austin

Last month, there was a letter that was most unflattering to Dale Austin. Terry Winner's personal ax to grind unfortunately landed on an undeserving Austin.

If Winner took time to read any of Austin's columns (instead of griping about things that are out of his control), he would be hesitant to label Austin as a shill for the owners of Laurel and Pimlico race courses.

Winner stated that Austin and The Sun are against Timonium's 10 days of racing. This is a falsehood. Austin has written that Timonium is a minor-league facility and is not what Maryland racing fans have become accustomed to. Many fans do enjoy Timonium for its state-fair atmosphere, but everyone must agree that its facilities (which have not been upgraded, maintained or remodeled in decades) are third-rate.

Winner's grandiose plan for making West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland one racing entity is idiotic. Racing in the other two states is in decline while Maryland thrives. A tri-state alliance? These people are in competition. Winner's plan of letting the state own and operate the track would be the death of Maryland racing.

Winner's personal agenda (no matter how silly) casts a negative shadow on a fine journalist. Besides, any horse-racing writer who can pick five out of the past six Kentucky Derby winners is OK in my book.

Patrick Gavin

Ellicott City

Too much Redskins

I wish to express my indignation at the coverage the Washington Redskins get in your paper. You say you are for a new team in Baltimore, but you consistently give front-page stories and full lineups for the Redskins games.

If The Sun is trying to prove to the NFL that there is a market for out-of-town teams here, you're doing a good job. I believe your stories should spotlight the better games rather than any particular team.

Roland Heck


Coverage was a turkey

The pregame coverage of the two traditional high school games in The Sun on Nov. 22 was a disgrace. The Loyola-Calvert Hall game is well over 50 years old, and Poly-City is the second-oldest, if not the oldest, high school rivalry in the country.

I can remember when at least two pages were devoted to these games both before and after.

Scott R. Berry


Shame on NFL

When NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue banned Dexter Manley for life on drug charges, he was a three-time loser, and when you have three strikes against you, you're out.

By reinstating Manley, the NFL is sending signals to adolescents that "it's OK to take drugs" and play in the NFL.

Many of our kids today look up to their favorite role model, and Manley does not fit into that category.

Banning one player does not weaken the league. The NFL should stick to its rules and Tagliabue should hang his head in shame to drag the NFL to the level of Manley.

Nick Wischuck


Krivak not right man

The University of Maryland again has blown a perfect opportunity to establish credibility for its football program. While athletic director Andy Geiger has called Joe Krivak's retention as "movement and striving forward," I see it as another step backward.

Because the Atlantic Coast Conference is perceived nationally as a weak football conference, Maryland must establish credibility by hiring a superior coaching staff. Geiger has called Krivak's last two recruiting years "good ones." Is there a coach of a top 20 program who would trade his class for Maryland's? Geiger admirably wants to play an ambitious schedule. That's great, but Krivak turned down an opportunity to play Oklahoma because he didn't wish to give it a recruiting advantage. That's ludicrous.

For Maryland to become big-time in football, it must bring in a big-time coach with a big-time staff. Krivak, while apparently a fine gentleman, is not the answer.

Roy Hopkins

Silver Spring

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