Dr. Isabel McClinton Had Kingsville practice

December 02, 1990

Dr. Isabel H. McClinton, who practiced medicine at home in Kingsville for about 30 years and helped British merchant seamen during World War II, died Wednesday at the Meridian Nursing Center-Long Green after a heart attack.

Dr. McClinton, who was 87, retired about 10 years ago after practicing in Kingsville since about 1950.

She came to the Baltimore area in 1937 and lived in Owings Mills and worked at what is now the Rosewood Center before moving to Kingsville.

During the war, she served dinner for merchant seamen at her home in Owings Mills, requiring that any officers who were invited had to bring a cadet or crew member.

Dr. McClinton also got each guest's home address and wrote to each family. Though her guests were in danger of never reaching home, especially at the height of the German submarine attacks in 1941 and 1942, many survived, and she continued to correspond with them after the war.

Born in Honeywood, Ontario, she earned her medical degree at the University of Toronto, was an intern and resident at hospitals in Detroit and Buffalo and worked in a mental hospital before coming to Baltimore.

She had no close survivors. Services will be Monday in Shelburne, Ontario.

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