Some Bush administration statements on U.S. involvement in the Persian Gulf crisis

December 02, 1990|By Ariane de Vogue of The Sun's Washington Bureau

* President Bush, Aug. 8:

"First, we seek the immediate, unconditional and complete withdrawal of all Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Second, Kuwait's legitimate government must be restored to replace the puppet regime, . . . third, my administration, as has been the case with every president from President Roosevelt to President Reagan, is committed to the security and stability of the Persian Gulf. And fourth, I am determined to protect the lives of American citizens abroad."

* Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, Aug. 12:

Iraq "could become the dominant force in the world's economy by taking control of the supply of oil."

Mr. Bush, Aug. 15:

"Our jobs, our way of life, our own freedom and the freedom of friendly countries around the world would all suffer if control of the world's great oil reserves fell into the hands of that one man, Saddam Hussein."

* Mr. Bush, Oct. 23:

"We're dealing with Hitler revisited, a totalitarianism and a brutality that is naked and unprecedented in modern times. And that must not stand. We cannot talk about compromise when you have that kind of behavior going on this very minute. Embassies being starved, people being shot, women being raped -- it is brutal. And I will continue to remind the rest of the world that this must not stand."

* Mr. Bush, Oct. 31:

"I have had it with that kind of treatment of Americans."

* Mr. Bush, Nov. 8:

"My argument with some of the protesters is that they seem tsuggest that oil is the sole reason that we are involved in this enormous commitment. And that is simply not correct. There's a lot of other interests, and the restoration of the security and stability in the Persian Gulf region clearly relates to the world's economic interest."

* Secretary of State James A. Baker III, Nov. 15:

"If you want to sum it up in one word, it's jobs. Because an economic recession worldwide, caused by the control of one nation, one dictator, of the West's economic lifeline, will result in the loss of jobs on the part of American citizens."

President Bush, Nov. 17 (speaking at Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czechoslovakia):

"Czechoslovakia was one of the first nations to condemn the outrage in the Persian Gulf; one of the first to measure the magnitude of the wrong committed in the name of territorial ambition. It is no coincidence that appeasement's lonely victim half a century ago should be among the first to understand that there is right -- and there is wrong."

Mr. Bush, Nov. 22 (speaking to troops in Saudi Arabia):

"Those who would measure the timetable for Saddam's atomic program in years may be seriously underestimating the gravity of the [Iraqi nuclear] threat."

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