December 02, 1990


From: Elhart E. Flurry



Howard County NAACP

This letter is written in response to the Nov. 18 article concerning the NAACP's involvement with Turf Valley ("Turf Valley Owner Wants Truce with County NAACP," by Michael James).

As I have previously indicated, this organization's involvement with the public relations matter at Turf Valley has been voluntary and at the request of Turf Valley management.

The caption and the subsequent article (quoting) the Rev. Howard appears to suggest that the NAACP has created and maintained the perception of racial discontent surrounding Turf Valley.

This simply is not true. If, in fact, any statements contained in the article are correct, none of this information has been communicated to the NAACP.

(The Rev. Howard) has not been involved in any of the discussions held between this organization and Turf Valley, nor has he offered his expertise as a mediator in the process.

Similarly, (the Rev. Howard) is apparently unaware of an Oct. 15 communication between the NAACP and Turf Valley, which sought to resolve any lingering public confusion concerning Turf Valley.

This letter sought to revive dialogue between the parties with regard to the three remaining areas of concern. This communication was sent, certified mail, to the owner of Turf Valley and indicated a desire on behalf of the NAACP to resolve the points of controversy. No response was ever made by Turf Valley.

On Nov. 5, NAACP representatives met at Turf Valley with leaders of a number of African-American organizations hosted by Councilman C. Vernon Gray to continue discussions in the matter.

At no time has the Howard County NAACP refused to work toward the resolution of this matter.

This organization has not fueled lingering controversy by responding to public queries concerning the matter. Assessing blame in a vacuum of incomplete information impairs the mediation process and adversely affects the entire community of Howard County.


From: Ken Weinberg


Vice Chairman

Howard County Council for Children & Youth

As a county government advisory council, we are interested in encouraging various people in the county to offer parenting classes that are beneficial to children and families.

Consistent with its duty to gather information about the resources available in Howard County, the Council for Children and Youth is trying to identify which professionals and other interested people are involved in parent education.

We know from our experience -- and research studies confirm this -- that parent training programs can be highly effective when they are well-designed and presented in a skillful manner.

We believe that parenting is one of the most important jobs for any of us and that our county's families would benefit greatly by help with parenting skills.

We have been able to find very few people or agencies who are actually offering this kind of training. Therefore, we are asking your readers to do the following:

1. If you are involved in teaching effective parenting skills, or if you know of anyone who is, then please let us know about that person or program so that we can inform the public.

2. If, as a parent, you have participated in a parenting course or training that has been beneficial, then please inform us of your experience -- how the course was helpful, who provided it, etc. Additionally, if you have a need for specific kinds of help (techniques or presentations), then tell us about those.

To respond to either of these requests, write to us at the following address:

Howard County Council for Children & Youth, Department of Citizen Service, 9250 Rumsey Road, Columbia, MD 21045.

Or you may telephone and leave a message at 313-7200.

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