1990 Boys Basketball/

The Players, Coaches And Team Outlooks

December 02, 1990


Coach: Bernie Mullin, fourth season.

Assistants: Larry Burton, Lauren Lytic.

Last year's record: 8-18.

Starters lost: Four.

Returnees: Zach Thornton, 6-3, Sr., F; John Pelligrini, 5-11, Sr., G; Brian McAveney, 6-0, Sr., F; Stash Rote, 5-10, Sr., G.

Newcomers: Greg Mainolfi, 6-2, Sr., C; Bryan Schiller, 6-4, Jr., C; Aaron Buthod, 6-2, Jr., F; Caleb Brown, 6-2, Jr., F/G; Myron Cole, 5-10, So., G; Ric Abercrombie, 6-1, So., F; David Ishmael, 5-10, So., G.

Coach's outlook: "We're young in terms of skills and strategy. We have to get a balanced game inside and outside. Three or four people are going to have to score in double figures if we're going to compete."

Harford County Sun's outlook: With 13 games in December, Mullin's squad probably will struggle through the early going. But the beginnings of some team cohesion already show and Mullin expects the team to improve quickly.

If it does, the Patriots could be headed for their fourth straight trip to the MSA B Conference playoffs. Thornton, who averaged seven points and seven rebounds, should improve those figures, but the Patriots will have to resist the tendency to rely on one player. If they can't develop balanced scoring, the Patriots will be in a lot of trouble when the B Conference Division II league schedule begins in January. They will rely on quickness on offense, but Mullin will remain conservative on defense.


Coach: George Constantine, sixth season.

Assistants: Ron Dove, Pete Griffiths.

Last year's record: 9-14.

Starters lost: 4.

Returnees: Mike Weichert, 5-9, jr., PG; Rob Heagerty, 6-1, sr., F; Chris Shue, 6 -1, sr., F; Scott Cooper, 6-2, sr., C; Brian Bidniak, 5-8, sr., G; Matt Copes, 6 -0, sr., F/G.

Newcomers: Brian Grzyb, 5-11, jr., G; Billy Simmons, 6-2, jr., C; Brian Strasavitch, 6-4, junior. C; Damon Kennard, 6-3, jr., F/G; Brian Moen, 5-11, jr., G.

Coach's outlook: "We have a lot of inexperience at the varsity level.

Our starting lineup has three juniors and it's conceivable we'll have four when Weichert gets back (from the football team.) When I compare it to last year, our biggest problem is that we averaged 58 points a game and 47 of those points graduated."

Harford County Sun's outlook: The Mustangs' biggest early season problem is the football team. Weichert, the only returning starter, as well as Shue and Bidniak played in Friday night's state championship football game, so Constantine hasn't seen them at all. Once those three veterans return, the Mustangs could take big step toward making up those lost points.

Constantine looks to Weichert and Grzyb, a transfer from Florida, to provide scoring from the outside, but the Mustangs should have a better inside game this year. The Mustangs also have more depth which could help them improve their shooting percentage. Nobody shot over 40 percent from the field last year. C. Milton Wright will have trouble early on since the football players will need time to adjust, but they should be competitive when league competition starts in January.


Coach: Ron Petrey, third season.

Assistants: Tony Cole, Bill Shelley.

Last year's record: 15-10.

Starters lost: 3.

Returnees: Demont Blackmon, 5-7, jr., PG; Trent Thomas, 5-8, sr., G; Tito Coley, 5-9, jr., G.

Newcomers: Vernell Hardy, 6-2, jr., F; Demetrius Harris, 5-7, jr., G; Mark Brazely, 6-0, jr., F; Shawn Casper, 6-2, jr., F; Stephen Davis, 5-8, sr., G; Sherman Huff, 6-2, sr., F; Bill Griffin, 6-3, jr., C/F; Richard Johnson, 6-4, jr., C.

Coach's outlook: "Right now, teamwork is something that we have to develop. With only two back and nobody who's played with them, we still have to find the right kids to blend together. Against big teams, we're going to have our problems. Hopefully, we can play quick and I can substitute some people from the bench."

Harford County Sun's outlook: Aberdeen's strength definitely lies in its backcourt. Blackmon and Thomas are proven scorers and pesky defenders.

Together they averaged 18 points a game. Blackmon led the league in three-point percentage. Although he didn't shoot as many 20-footers as some other players, he hit 45 percent of his shots. Those two will have to make up for a lot of inexperience around them. Only Coley and Davis, who moved up late in the season, have any varsity experience. Much of the Eagles' height is unpolished, so Petrey will have one of the smallest lineups in the county. Lack of experience and that lack of height are two difficult problems for the Eagles to overcome. However, team quickness and strong defense could turn into a lot of points on transition. The Eagles do not want to get trapped into a half-court game with taller teams, so they will use a lot of man-to-man defense and plenty of pressure. Unfortunately, Petrey wasn't too happy with the defensive performance in last week's scrimmage.


Coach: Bill Georg, 13th season.

Assistants: Jules Bernstein, John Krouse.

Last year's record: 6-16.

Starters lost: 3.

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