Parrott Thanks Voters, Volunteers, Family

Readers write

December 02, 1990

From: Joanne Parrott

Councilwoman District B


To the citizens of Harford County who supported me in my re-election bid to continue as a member of the Harford County Council, please accept my sincere appreciation for your vote of confidence.

Your belief in me as a viable incumbent was indicated by the overwhelming margin of 7,400 plus votes cast for my re-election in the District B race. I am indeed grateful to each and everyone who voted for me in the general election.

To my family, neighbors and many volunteers, part of this victory is yours and I am most appreciative of your loyal support and the time you have given to make the campaign the success it was.

To my treasurer, Steven J. Scheinin, and my campaign manager, Colleen Macfarlane, many, many thanks for your exceptional assistance in making my re-election possible.

During the campaign as I traveled to all reaches of our wonderful county many of the concerns expressed by citizens of all ages parallel the concerns I have had in maintaining the quality of life in Harford County.

I look forward to be of continuing service to the citizens of Harford County.


From: James M. Harkins

Delegate-elect, District 35 A


I want to thank the voters of Legislative District 35 A for electing me to the Maryland House of Delegates and express my sincere thanks to the many volunteers for their support and dedication over the past several months.

I commit to you to work hard and provide Harford County with good honest government.


From: Lynn W. Jones

Bel Air

When my children started school, I was shocked to discover there was no art teacher at their school. It seems art is considered an unnecessary frill in Harford County elementary education. Statistics show that this is not a view shared by the vast majority of the other counties in Maryland, or the country as a whole.

Most children are exposed to the educational and therapeutic benefits of art activities, as well as the richness that art can add to life.

I understand that studies show a direct correlation between the skills learned in the study of art and the skills used for reading, as well as math and science. I think it is shameful that the Harford County school board does not deem art education important enough to make a serious effort to improve the current situation.

I know there are many parents in the county who feel as I do, and we are very disappointed in the school board's lack of commitment to this issue.

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