National League West

November 30, 1990|By Peter Schmuck

ATLANTA BRAVES Wish list: The Braves hope to sign free-agent third baseman Terry Pendleton to a four-year deal soon and have joined the Orioles in the bidding for Franklin Stubbs. They also have shown interest in free-agent outfielder Willie Wilson.

Trade bait: Second baseman Jeff Treadway has garnered some interest from around the majors. So has surprise All-Star catcher Greg Olson. But the Braves would rather move outfielder Lonnie Smith and infielder Jeff Blauser. Third baseman Jim Presley also could be available if Pendleton agrees to terms.

Rumor mill: There has been speculation that the Braves are looking to Stubbs because they have given up hope that Nick Esasky will be back anytime soon.

If Christmas comes early: The Braves will persuade the Angels to give up center fielder Devon White for Treadway.

CINCINNATI REDS Wish list: The Reds need to replace the recently departed Danny Jackson in the starting rotation, which will not be easy. They also need to re-sign free agent infielder Bill Doran.

Trade bait: Todd Benzinger and Paul O'Neill are available and marketable.

Rumor mill: O'Neill will be traded for a No. 4 or No. 5 starter.

If Christmas comes early: The Reds will change their frugal ways and sign a quality starter (Zane Smith?), vastly improving their chances of winning back-to-back NL pennants.

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