Blake stays as coach of basketball at Mervo

November 30, 1990|By Calvin Watkins

John Blake has reclaimed his job as head basketball coach at Mervo High School, Blake said yesterday.

Blake apparently had lost his job to Woody Williams, the former Lake Clifton coach and current Mervo athletic director, in an agreement with Mervo principal Christolyne Buie and Williams. But Blake filed a grievance with the Baltimore Teachers Union, and was given back the job yesterday.

Williams was an administrative assistant in the University of Maryland athletic department until resigning last year. Williams, who went to Maryland after Bob Wade was hired as Terps coach and departed after Wade's resignation, became athletic director Mervo this year after a 16-year stint as coach at Lake Clifton.

"I would imagine, being in charge of a school, you would want a person with experience and expertise," Williams said of why Buie wanted him for the position.

Buie would not comment yesterday, but Williams said that Blake had agreed to leave a position he held for five years.

"He changed his mind," said Williams. "I came to Mervo to head up the athletic program and do what is in the best interest of the athletic program."

Last night, Blake said: "I think it is in my best interest to refer the entire situation to Ms. Buie. I'm not going to carry anything further in the press."

Blake said he officially will take over the team Monday.

"I've been working with the kids since Nov. 15, and I'm disappointed as anyone would be," Williams said. "I planned to operate the program on Oct. 15, when it was indicated to me I would be the coach."

Mervo had to cancel a scrimmage yesterday because of the coaching change, and Williams said the team was in the final stages of preparing for the season opener Dec. 7.

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