Linowes tax proposals

It's Your Call:

November 30, 1990

Callers to The Evening Sun's SUNDIAL support reducing property taxes, but they don't like the specific changes proposed by the Linowes Commission.

Of the 454 people who called, 76 percent [345 callers] agree that property taxes should be reduced, while 24 percent [106 callers] disagreed.

Only 34 percent [155 callers] support increasing the sales tax, while 66 percent [298 callers] oppose the idea. The idea of expanding the sales tax to include cigarettes and services was opposed 70 percent [316 callers] to 30 percent [138 callers]. An idea to increase taxes on the wealthy and reduce taxes on the poor was opposed 53 percent [239 callers] to 47 percent [213 callers]. The proposal to add a new 2 percent tax on boats and cars was opposed 73 percent [333 callers] to 27 percent [121 callers].

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