'Banned by MTV' is guaranteeing Madonna video will be a hot item

November 30, 1990|By Francesca Chapman | Francesca Chapman,Knight-Ridder

Nobody's seen it, but everybody's talking about it. It's Madonna's new video for her single "Justify My Love."

MTV execs banned it from the airwaves Monday, saying "this one is not for us." So it must be hot, hot, hot, right?

There are rumors of the occasional bare breast. But we saw that in Vanity Fair last April.

Her usual auto-erotica didn't inspire the ban. It wasn't her steamy scene with her hunky boyfriend. It wasn't the lingerie scraps she's said to be sporting. We've certainly seen all of that on MTV before.

Madonna popped out of her bustier years ago in her "Open Your Heart" video. And crotch-grabbing is positively routine on basic cable. Even Janet Jackson's doing it.

It's just that in the white-male-dominated world of television programming, some hot scenes are more acceptable than others. Most likely, it was the homosexual and bisexual fooling around in the video -- or, as Madonna described it Tuesday, "two girls kissing or two men snuggling" -- that led MTV to slam the door. There's also supposed to be cross-dressing and some mild bondage.

What we have here is the old double standard.

Much of what's seen on MTV -- especially the heavy-metal and rap videos -- is unbridled male fantasy, a procession of ugly guys being stroked by scantily clad babes with big hair and spike-heeled shoes.

The video for "Justify My Love," says Madonna, "is the interior of a human being's mind. These fantasies and thoughts exist in every person."

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