Federal government pulls the plug on satellite pornography network

November 30, 1990|By Los Angeles Times Syndicate

WASHINGTON -- The Department of Justice turned off the United States' only satellite pornography network yesterday, obtaining an agreement from its owners to plead guilty to felony obscenity charges and to cease operations.

The American Exxxstasy station was pioneering a potential new market by broadcasting hard-core adult movies daily to 30,000 nationwide subscribers equipped with their own satellite dishes. The service cost $300 a year.

Department of Justice officials said that the proliferation of cable and satellite dish technology had made it necessary to strike quickly at the "pollution" of public airwaves before such enterprises spread.

Paul L. Klein and Jeffrey Younger, the two principal officers of the New York-based Home Dish Only Satellite Networks, which operated American Exxxstasy, agreed to pay $150,000 in fines and turn over their film library to the government.

Federal officials do not know where the satellite company obtained the hard-core films.

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