WJZ special follows race relations summit


November 30, 1990|By Steve McKerrow

More previews from The Weekend Watch:

THE RACIAL QUESTION -- Blunt talk on touchy issues was the agenda of today's Baltimore Summit on Race Relations at the Convention Center, and WJZ-Channel 13 is doing a half-hour special on the event tonight. "Baltimore in Black and White" is scheduled at 7:30 p.m., with host Debbie Wright, the station's education reporter.

A CULTURAL CONNECTION -- Who says entertaining television cannot also teach? Tonight's scheduled episode of "Quantum Leap" (at 8, Channel 2) has the potential of introducing a younger generation to a woefully neglected figure from the '50s. He's writer Jack Kerouac (portrayed here by Michael Bryan French), whose "On the Road" was something of a bible for the pre-hippy alternative lifestyle group known as "the beat generation." Sam (Scott Bakula) drops into the dropout scene as a biker.

A 50-YEAR CHASE -- That feline rascal Tom has been chasing clever mouse Jerry for a half-century now since creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera launched the perpetual pursuit in the cartoon "Puss Gets the Boot." The premiere date was actually Feb. 10, 1940, and the cartoon preceded the screening of the film "Broadway Melody of 1940." Basic cable's TBS is just getting around to celebrating with "Tom & Jerry's 50th Birthday Bash" at 8:05 tonight (with repeats Dec. 2 and 5). We could use more of Tom & Jerry and less of show host John ("Roseanne") Goodman, who portrays a security guard who discovers a vault of cartoon reels. But there is plenty of animated action, including the Oscar-winning "The Cat Concerto" from 1947, in which Tom is a pianist and Jerry is the slumbering occupant of the instrument, awakened by Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody."

IS SHE REALLY DEAD? -- We're talking about April Ewing (Sheree Wilson) of "Dallas," of course, who was presumably shot down in last week's slow-motion Paris showdown. In tonight's episode (at 10, Channel 11) a distraught Bobby (Patrick Duffy) wanders around remorsefully. But didn't anybody else notice that scene of a very much alive April shown in last week's previews?

A QUESTION OF FITNESS -- The debate over which sport produces the fittest athletes is one of those unanswerable tavern teasers. But for a look at a leading contender, check out NBC's "Sportsworld" at 4 p.m. Saturday (Channel 2). The sport is rock climbing, a blend of balance, strength and mental challenge, and the show documents an attempt to do a "free" climb (meaning without safety ropes) of an overhanging cliff in the scenic Smith Rock formation in central Oregon.

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