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Bill Burton

November 29, 1990|By Bill Burton

This week

So you haven't bagged your deer yet. Don't despair, two days remain in the modern firearms hunt -- and success on the final day of the week-long shoot is generally second only to that of the opener.

Enhance your chances by heading out earlier than usual; get far back into the hinterlands before the hordes of hunters start stalking closer to camp and road. Once back where many of the deer have retreated due to hunter activity closer to civilization, adopt a walk-and-stop routine.

Walk quietly a minute or two, then freeze for a minute or two. A deer can't stand a hunter who stops. Deer laying low in heavy cover are accustomed to hunters passing by, but get fidgety when a hunter stops nearby. They fear they have been detected, and quickly bolt for distant places.

In addition, if you are far back into the woods or marshes early you can take advantage of deer sent your way by other hunters working toward you.

Be alert for just the crack of a twig. Deer, especially wary old bucks, try to sneak through the woods. Only deer are big enough to snap twigs. Freeze and study your surroundings. These are tricks many old-time hunters -- including this one -- have used for ages.


Tomorrow: Deadline for ordering bird seed for Saturday's annual sale (8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at Irvine Natural Science Center, Stevenson. Great variety and prices. Call 484-2413.

* Tomorrow: Opening of three-day Baltimore Wildlife & Nautical Art Expo, Festival Hall, with wildlife, dog and nautical painters, carvers, sculptors and model shipbuilders exhibiting items of from $25 to $25,000. Auctions daily. Hours tomorrow, noon to 9; Saturday, 11 to 9; and Sunday, 11 to 5. Call 561-1140.

* Monday: Reopening of Maryland Canada goose season with more interested shooters thanks to an increase in numbers of honkers.


Hunters, don't take heart from results of The Evening Sun's phone survey earlier this week that indicated 68 percent of callers (584 of 854) did not approve of protesters following hunters to disrupt deer hunting. That might sound like a lopsided vote, but when compared with a recent hunter-backed nationwide poll it shows pro-hunter sentiment badly lagging here.

Nationwide, 90 percent of those polled back hunter rights to go afield without being harassed, which incidentally is backed up by law in Maryland.

pTC Certainly not helping us on the hunting front is the media, especially television. The overzealous coverage of anti-hunter demonstrations is getting to be old hat. I'm tired of replays of young people parading around with -- for the benefit of cameramen -- anti-hunter slogans on signs as they do their best to interfere with legitimate hunts.

It's getting so whenever three humane extremists get together with placards a TV crew just happens to be around. Where are those same crews when wildlife managers are opening new wildlife areas or otherwise showcasing conservation projects funded by hunters? You won't see that on the tube. It's not controversial enough. Enough said.

Names and places

Public hunting grounds of Garrett County have been unusually productive for metropolitan area deer hunters. Among those scoring out there:

Baltimoreans: Roger Roussell, 7 points, 117 pounds; Henry McNew, antlerless, 99 pounds; Ed Nutter, 3-96; Robert Hazelback, 6-92; Vierse Himmel, 4-121; Andrew Fackett Jr., antlerless-57; Andrew Fackett Sr., antlerless-61; John Adams, antlerless-80; John Huncher, antlerless; Major Lillard, antlerless-89; Richet Davis, 4-111; Richard Moffett, 2-103; Anthony Seweck, 6-116. Also, Richard Zentz, antlerless-64; Jim Orndorff, 6-153: John Frye, antlerless-69; Ron Wacker, antlerless-110; Robbie Horney, antlerless-88; Tim Frye, 2-85; Robert Dasch, 8-118; Robert Smith, 9-129; John Cichock, 4-123; Charles Icenhour, 5-102; Michael Kitzmiller, antlerless-59; C.E. Davis, 5-113; Donald VanDivner, 7-105; Edward Sicberzahn, button buck-69; James Hamilton Jr., antlerless-64.

And, Brett McMannis, 9-100; Clayton Blevins, 9-100; Mark Derda, antlerless-97; James Losket, 2-87; Wilbert Buckingham, antlerless-96; Frederick Schulz, 5-107; George Boecker, antlerless-96; William Smith, 3-80; Charles Smith, antlerless-60; Richard Czyzewski, 3-90; Christian Emery Jr., antlerless-90; Alfred Emkey, antlerless-55; Melvin Miller, 4-102.

From the Pasadena-Glen Burnie area: Thomas Peterson, 8-94; Gary Bigley, antlerless-87; George Endley, 4-110; Bill Orndorf, antlerless; Kenneth Rogers, antlerless-100; Robert Elliott, 5-104; James Darby, antlerless-65.

Westminster hunters scoring: Ronald Stonesifer, antlerless-92 (the first one checked in in Garrett County); Dennis Vonella, 7-108; George W. Lee, 5-100; Jay Condon, 3-89; Charles Richardson, antlerless-50; Brian Sanders, 2-119; John Arbaugh Jr., 8-121; Everly Spurrier, 9-107; Paul Reter, antlerless-81.

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