Bulls make road rougher for Bullets, win, 118-94

November 29, 1990|By Ron Berler | Ron Berler,Special to The Sun

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Bulls rolled to a 118-94 victory over the Washington Bullets last night in a game so lopsided that Chicago's Michael Jordan didn't play during the fourth quarter.

The Bullets, who have won just once on the road, remained tied with the Bulls for nine seconds, then fell permanently behind when Jordan scored a quick layup around Darrell Walker. Then the Bulls scored with dizzying speed, shooting 72 percent in the first half.

"Michael [Jordan] told me, 'Darrell, you're all over me, but I'm hot tonight,' said Walker. "I tried to stop him. I fouled him. I couldn't get any closer to him without kissing him.

"I knew the game was out of hand when [Bulls reserve center] Will Perdue came in and started making shots. Nothing against Will, but when a team gets hot, everybody gets hot. It was a tough one tonight."

hTC Horace Grant made a dunk, then another and converted a short jumper. Jordan opened up with two short jumpers. Scottie Pippen followed with a jump shot and a dunk. After four minutes the Bulls led, 16-8, and Bullets coach Wes Unseld called a timeout.

"They were hot," Unseld said.

The Bulls quickly built their lead to 13 points and then to 35-20. Jordan scored 13 of his game-leading 24 points in the quarter. Chicago's lead was so large that Jordan sat out more than half of the second quarter.

Nothing seemed to go right for the Bullets. The first two times they got the ball, they lost it on turnovers. Bernard King scored 10 points in the opening quarter, but Harvey Grant scored just four. King, Haywoode Workman and Walker each committed two turnovers.

"It was a breakdown for us on defense," said Unseld. "We just can't allow teams to score over a certain number of points, because we have difficulty scoring, ourselves."

Before the game, Jordan had said he was worried that the Bulls' bench would stumble trying to hold the lead.

"They don't seem to be coming in with the same intensity of the first team, and they're giving leads back," Jordan said. "I don't think they've found the level they want yet."

Last night, with the help of the Bullets, they achieved that level. They scored 24 points to the Bullets' substitutes' 16. They scored because the Bullets committed 15 turnovers in the first half, which led to 30 of the Bulls' 68 points. King had five turnovers, and Harvey Grant and Workman had three each.

The Bulls' lead was down to nine At 7:10 of the second quarter. Less than four minutes later, it was up to 19. Jordan had 20 points and Pippen 10 at halftime. King had 14 points, but no other Bullet had more than six.

Pervis Ellison led the Bullets with 17 points. King ended with a quiet 16, he was hampered by five fouls.

Peppering shots and blocking others, they brought the Bulls back to an 80-58 lead with 6:20 to go in the quarter.

The Bullets turned cold, shooting 35 percent from the field in the third quarter. Missing shots, seeing others blocked, committing turnovers at a rapid pace, they let the Bulls coast to an 87-65 lead at the end of the quarter.

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