College powers shoot bricks in NBA draft


November 29, 1990|By JOHN EISENBERG

Fact: UNLV, Georgetown, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Oklahoma and DePaul did not have any players selected in the last NBA draft.

Opinion: Thumbs up to the idea of the Orioles' signing Matt Young. He can carry a game into the eighth inning, which, for the Orioles, means all the way to Mark Williamson and Gregg Olson.

Fact: The NFL's top rusher, Marion Butts of the Chargers, carried the ball exactly 29 times as a senior at Florida State in 1988.

Opinion: Thumbs down to the idea of the Orioles' signing Franklin Stubbs. He has "bust" written all over him (changing leagues, one good year after a lot of marginal ones), and there's no place for him to play.

Fact: When I was starting college, Jeff Jones, the basketball coach at Virginia, was starting high school.

Opinion: 49ers 27, Giants 24.

Fact: The Syracuse basketball team has drawn more than a million fans over the previous two seasons.

Opinion: The New Jersey Nets hit a home run with Derrick Coleman. He's an All-Star.

Fact: The Phoenix Cardinals' attendance in the past three games has declined from 71,000 to 46,000 to 30,000 for last Sunday's game against the Patriots.

Opinion: The college football Coach of the Year is David McWilliams of Texas.

Fact: On the day she was harassed by the Patriots, Lisa Olson asked to interview defensive back Maurice Hurst in a media room. He wouldn't come, which is why she had to go to the locker room.

Opinion: The NFL pulled the Super Bowl out of Arizona primarily because of money, not principle. The league feared -- and didn't want its name associated with -- the kind of sponsorship boycott that occurred at the PGA Championship last summer.

Fact: Two of the past three NCAA basketball champs have been ineligible to defend their title. (UNLV is appealing.)

Opinion: It is absolutely shameful that Jim Valvano, whose North Carolina State program stood for everything bad about college sports, is pulling down big money as a college hoops broadcaster.

Fact: Trenton State quarterback Steve Mortellite was 7-for-40 with four interceptions in a Division III playoff game against Hofstra. No, he didn't win.

Opinion: The five best unknown NBA players: Golden State's Tim Hardaway, the Bullets' Darrell Walker, Dallas' Derek Harper, Seattle's Xavier McDaniel, the Clippers' Ken Norman.

Fact: At approximately the same time that Loyola Marymount was beating Chaminade, 162-129, last weekend, Princeton was beating Coastal Carolina, 42-39.

Opinion: The five worst well-known NBA players: Denver's Orlando Woolridge, Atlanta's Dominique Wilkins, Detroit's Vinnie Johnson and the Lakers' Sam Perkins and Byron Scott.

Fact: Michael Jordan's scoring average is down five points from last season. The Bulls are trying -- again -- to be more balanced.

Opinion: Raghib Ismail is a terrific college player who won't have a big impact in the NFL. He's too small to take the pounding at running back and doesn't catch that well.

Fact: Pictured on the cover of the Pittsburgh Pirates media guide before last season were Jim Leyland, who became National League Manager of the Year; Bobby Bonds, who became Most Valuable Player; andDoug Drabek, who became the Cy Young Award winner.

Opinion: The Coach of the Year in the NFL clearly is Mike (9-2 with Jim Harbaugh at quarterback) Ditka.

Fact: Two-thirds of the teams in the Big East are ranked in the top 25.

Opinion: College basketball coaches should be limited to one assistant coach on the bench. They aren't splitting the atom out there.

Fact: Randallstown's star running back, Larry Washington, has scheduled visits to Clemson and Tennessee thus far. More to come.

Opinion: The block of the year in the NFL was Keith Byars' mega-crunch of college roommate Pepper Johnson in the Eagles-Giants gameSunday.

Fact: If the watered-down NFL playoffs began today, they would include the Packers, who were 3-5 three weeks ago.

Opinion: With Mike Boddicker no longer in the Red Sox's rotation, the Blue Jays again become the pick in the AL East.

Fact: The Atlantic Coast Conference has one bowl team fewer than the Big Ten, as many as the Pac-10 and more than the Southwest Conference and Big Eight.

Opinion: I can't pick the 10 best teams in the NFL because there aren't 10 good teams.

Fact: There are 89 ex-NBA players now playing in Europe.

Opinion: Bill Walsh will be coaching somewhere next season.

Fact: Proceeds from Tuesday's UMBC-Boston University game at the Arena will go to the Baltimore Literacy Program. Nice touch.

Opinion: If Bud Black is worth $10 million, we all deserve a raise.

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