Lord Pearce, 89, chairman of a British government panel in...

Deaths elsewhere

November 29, 1990

Lord Pearce, 89, chairman of a British government panel in 1972 that rejected a proposed settlement in the then rebel colony of Rhodesia on grounds most blacks opposed it, died Monday in southern England. Mr. Pearce visited what was then Rhodesia and is now Zimbabwe as head of the government panel in 1972. On Nov. 11, 1965, the then white minority government of Ian Smith had declared itself free of all remaining colonial links with Britain. Britain, which hoped to steer Rhodesia to full independence under eventual black rule, said the declaration was illegal.

Cardinal Wladyslaw Rubin, 73, a Polish-born prelate who headed the Vatican's Congregation for Eastern Churches, died yesterday in Vatican City, church officials said. The Vatican did not give the cause of death. Cardinal Rubin was ordained in 1946 and became a bishop 18 years later. He was responsible for the pastoral care of Poles living abroad. He was elevated to cardinal in 1979 and was secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops. His congregation dealt with churches of the Eastern rite, which have many different customs from the Roman Catholic Church but acknowledge the pope as their leader.

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