Bagging a buck, bluefish makes a nice daily double

November 28, 1990|By Bill Burton

Lingering moderate weather continues to curtail slightly the Maryland deer kill, but unseasonable temperatures have added a new perspective to late fall outdoor life.

Spike Brown got an 8-point buck of 145 pounds in Pocomoke State Forest, then journeyed to Assateague Island where he landed a 12-pound, 3-ounce bluefish on cut mullet. What a day, but his wasn't the only bluefish catch, nor the biggest.

Bill Shockley, who handles the scales -- for both fish and deer -- at Shockley's Weighing Station, reports a flurry of late bluefish action. The biggest blue so far was the 14-pounder taken by David Weesner of Salisbury, also on cut mullet at the first crossover at Assateague National Seashore.

The best deer checked in there was a 192-pounder bagged by Rufus Elliott, who scored on opening day.

When it got too hot in midday for George Springer to slosh through the lowlands of Pocomoke State Forest, he turned to crappie fishing in the Pocomoke just above Shad Landing and got seven. He said he will return to midday hunting when the weather cools.

Deer hunters also are taking fishing breaks in Dorchester County where white perch are available at the fishing pier of the Choptank, also its feeder creeks. They catch rockfish, too, and toss them back, said Cambridge tackleman Tommy Hooper. He reported the number of hunters is down, but this season a considerably larger percentage of bucks are being taken -- and they are larger.

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