Police, fire log

Police, fire log

November 28, 1990


Two masked men took cash and several hundred tablets of prescription drugs Monday from the Elkridge Pharmacy, the second time in a month that the business has been the site of a narcotics holdup, county police said.

The latest robbery appears to have been committed by the same people responsible for an Oct. 22 holdup at the pharmacy, in which money and several bottles of Dilaudid and Percodan were stolen, police said.

In Monday's incident, two men wearing gloves and ski masks took approximately 200 tablets of Percodan, a painkiller, and 75 tablets of Dilaudid, a methadone substitute that sells for approximately $40 a tablet on the street, police said.

An undisclosed amount of cash was also taken.

The men entered the store, located in a remote area of the 5800 block of Main Street, at approximately 8:35 p.m. and ordered a clerk to open the register and an office safe, said Gary L. Gardner, a county police spokesman.

One of the men was armed with a revolver and stood guard while the other man collected money and drugs, Gardner said.

Both men then ran from the area in an unknown direction. Police say one of the robbers appeared to be white and the other black.

In the October incident at the pharmacy, an armed man wearing a ski mask pulled off a similar robbery and targeted the same two prescription drugs, Gardner said. That robbery also occurred on a Monday at 8:35 p.m.

A representative of the pharmacy refused to comment yesterday about the robberies.


Three people were arrested Wednesday and charged with felony theft, credit card fraud and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after police linked them to a recent crime spree in Columbia neighborhoods, county police said.

The arrests were made at approximately 11 a.m. when a manager of the Comfort Inn in Jessup reported that guests were staying at the motel after paying with a stolen credit card, police said.

Police say the credit card had been stolen within the previous 24 hours by someone who took a wallet and personal items from a car that was broken into on Thunder Hill Road. Officers went to the guests' motel room and waited for them to return.

Three people arrived in a 1988 Toyota Corolla that police later learned had been recently stolen from another area of Thunder Hill Road. The three people were told they were under arrest and one man, Carlton C. Murray Jr., 20, of the 6000 block of Majors Lane, pushed an officer away and ran from the scene, police said.

Murray was found a few minutes later hiding in a nearby trash receptacle, police said.

During a search of the stolen car, police say they also recovered a mobile telephone that had been reported stolen within the last 24 hours from a Columbia neighborhood.

Murray, who also was charged with assault and resisting arrest, remained at the Howard County Detention Center yesterday on $7,500 bond. The other two people arrested were a 16-year-old male from Columbia and a 16-year-old female from Savage, police said. Both were released to the custody of their parents.

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