November 28, 1990


WESTMINSTER - Hoping to fill the void left by the Westminster Taxi Service's closing, council members temporarily have approved Carroll County Cab's rate schedule for use in the city.

In addition, the city's finance committee and the attorney -- John B.

Walsh Jr. -- will investigate whether Carroll County Cab's proposal to independently contract with drivers to add to their force will be beneficial to the city and the company.

Under the "owner/operator" system, each driver would be under contract to Carroll County Cab and individually subject to city regulations.

"We want to review your figures to see that you can turn a profit for yourselves and keep your drivers in business," said city finance director Stephen V. Dutterer.

Current fares, to be charged on a meter system, are $1.50 to begin the trip, $1.20 per mile and 30 cents per minute for waiting time.

"I used to call it the Twilight Zone," said owner Donald Brannon about charging under a zone system. "You don't know what zone it is if it isn't posted."

Brannon said their rates were comparable to others in the area.

Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties charge $1 per mile; Montgomery County -- $1.20 per mile, and Baltimore City -- 80 cents per mile. Rates in Carroll and Harford counties are not regulated by a central commission, he said.

Mayor W. Benjamin Brown said he thought the rates Carroll County Cab charges are comparable to what Westminster Cab charged.



WESTMINSTER -- Members of the City Council have approved a building permit for the proposed Midas Muffler Shop, to be located in the Cranberry Square shopping center.

Construction on the building, estimated at $300,000, should begin immediately.

Other permits granted include:

* Building permit to Maerk Ltd. to finish the inside of a building for a perspective tenant at the Carroll County Airport Industrial Complex. There was no estimated cost.

* Southern States Co-op on 37 Railroad Ave. received a building permit to remove a tank. Estimated cost was $2,030.

* A sign permit was approved for Our Personal Touch at 18 Pennsylvania Ave.

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