Records Of Yesteryear's Athletes Recalled Once More


November 28, 1990|By Pat O'Malley

This records business is bringing everybody together from north to south, young and old. Monday I heard from Tom Tereshinsky.

Now is that a blast from the past or what?

Tereshinsky was the first football coach at Southern of Harwood and ran the Bulldogs from 1961 to 1973. During that time he had an outstanding back by the name of Bob Stach. As it turns out, Stach holds several records, including a share of the single-season mark for touchdowns.

Just a week ago, we reported that Dawnie Dorsey of Northeast had set the county record for touchdowns in 1981 with 23. Well, Tereshinsky, who is retired and still living in Harwood, saw that and called to let me know that Stach had scored 23 in a season -- not once but twice.

"Bob scored 23 TDs two years in a row, in 1965 and 1966, and I just thought you might like to know that," he said.

Sure would like to know it, because it means that Dorsey tied the county record instead of establishing it.

Tereshinsky said that Stach scored 157 points in 1965 and 161 in 1966 and that the 161 is a county record. It was thought that Dorsey had the most at 138 points in 1981, but he actually fell below Stach's 161.

Stach also kicked, which is what boosted his points total. In 1965 he kicked 19 extra points to go with his 23 touchdowns, and in 1966 he booted 17 extra points and two field goals to total the record 161 points. In both seasons, he set his marks in only nine games.

Ten games is the normal regular-season schedule these days -- and Dorsey got his 23rd touchdown in 1981 in the 11th game, a playoff game.

Now the obvious questions. How many touchdowns did Stach have in his career and how many career points?

When Troy Turner of Arundel finished his high school career in 1985 with 51 touchdowns he did not set a county record as first believed but tied Stach's career mark.

Stach had five touchdowns in his sophomore season, good for 30 points (he did not kick that year) and that 30 added to the 318 from his two banner seasons. The total is a county record 348 career points.

In three seasons, Turner tallied 316 points, which until Tereshinsky called, was believed to be the county record.

"Records are fun to read about and talk about, and I wanted to make sure Bobby was not left out," Tereshinsky said.

He said Stach never would have played football had there been soccer at Southern back in those days.

"He came in one day and asked me where the soccer team was practicing and I told him we didn't have soccer, so he said he would try football," he said. "He had never played football before his sophomore season."

It's ironic that Stach's first varsity season in 1964 was the year Severna Park's Gary Thall set the county record for yards rushing with 1,835.

Thall was big and fast, while Stach was a little guy who started his football career at 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds, Tereshinsky said. By his senior year, Stach had bulked up to 200 pounds.

Stach was also a pretty good baseball player, who signed with the old Washington Senators in his senior year and moved up in their minor-league chain to AA Buffalo before a shoulder injury ended his career.

Tereshinsky said that Stach then played a couple of seasons with Coach Doc Bartlinski's semi-pro Brooklyn Eagles and later punted for Chambersburg, Pa., in that same league before an Achilles tendon caused him to give up football.

"The last I heard, Bob was a professional cabinetmaker out in Nevada," Tereshinsky said.

The coach had one other scoop for me, too.

"Tom Albright (Southern's head basketball coach who just started his 26th season) told me to tell you that he's not retiring after this season despite what you've heard," he said, laughing. "He wanted me to let you know that he's changed his mind."

* Did you know that former Meade star Corey Wallace, the Anne Arundel County Sun 1987-1988 Player of the Year now playing at Allegany Community College, was listed as one of the top junior college small forwards in the country in the November Sporting News basketball preview?

How proud of him do you think is Wallace's mentor, Meade veteran coach Butch Young, who just began his 14th season with the Mustangs and 26th overall in the county?

* Did you know that St. Mary's senior star Laura Coakley, who just accepted a full basketball scholarship to Wake Forest in Durham, N.C., was listed on the East Honorable Mention Girls All-High School All-America Team by Street & Smith?

Isn't it really something that the 6-foot-1 Coakley is the only county player so honored and just one of three from Maryland? The others are 6-foot-2 senior Dana Johnson of Baltimore's Western (second-team All-America) and Kisha Gwyn, a 5-7 junior from Bethesda?

* Did you know that Annapolis head basketball coach John Brady passed along what he learned from Paul Westhead and the Loyola Marymount Lions run-and-stun offense to Navy coach Pete Herrmann?

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