Scuttle those deck shoes, the WASP look is out

November 28, 1990|By Robin Givhan | Robin Givhan,Knight-Ridder Newspapers

The word from the experts at menswear trade publication DNR is that the WASP is dead. We all remember the WASP, right? Think George Bush, Ralph Lauren or Dan Quayle. They are O-U-T, out. That's no big discovery to us, since we've long held nothing but disdain for people who wear no socks with their loafers, even when the temperature drops below freezing. We hiss whenever we see those silly polo shirt collars defying gravity. We shudder at the sounds of names like Buffy and Skip. Now it seems that the rest of the world agrees. So remove the following from your wardrobe or at least refrain from wearing more than one at the same time.

* Beat-up boat shoes: Unless you're on a boat, ditch the shoes.

* Navy blazers with crests: Sorry, we won't even accept family crests. They're pretentious and conflict with the new basic mode of dress.

* Polo shirts with upturned collars: If it doesn't fly up naturally, it doesn't belong up.

* Power ties: Any man who thought he could find power in a tie needs to check his MBA at the door and go home.

* Trench coats: We know Burberrys will beg to differ, but these classic coats are just too uptight. All of those flaps and buckles and such are just too cumbersome. Give us an easy-going Balmacaan.

* Madras: If you're over 16, don't do it, or everyone will think your name is Skip.

* Sweaters tied around the shoulders: Either you're cold or you're not. Either wear the sweater or don't.

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