Designers are sensitive to bad press

November 28, 1990|By N.Y. TImes News Service

Designers read their reviews, all right. While not as financially dependent on good notices as, say, a playwright, clothing designers can be just as sensitive. This week a number of designers got over their recent reviews enough to talk about them.

Christian Francis Roth, a 21-year-old designer who held his second show this season: "People really wanted blood from me this season. It was really in the air. They've done it to every young designer I can think of. The out-of-town press misunderstood the clothes." His reviews were generally good.

Marc Jacobs, the designer for Perry Ellis: "There's a difference between criticism and nastiness. I always get disappointed if it's negative, but I can take it if it's constructive. Of course, a good review is never good enough."

Gordon Henderson, whose reviews have gone up and down and up again: "I try not to be affected and stay grounded as much as possible. Last fall I was ripped to shreds. . . . But if you don't keep yourself level when you're good, it's hard to get through a bad season."

Said Bill Blass, who has read a few: "A bad review can throw you down into the depths from the 90th floor. There are no insensitive people who are also creative."

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