Pastorelli is no 'Elvin' in 'Dancing With Wolves'

November 28, 1990|By Lou Cedrone

Robert Pastorelli plays Timmons, traveling companion to Kevin Costner in ''Dances With Wolves.'' You may have trouble recognizing him. He looks nothing like the character he plays on ''Murphy Brown,'' the television series starring Candice Bergen.

He plays Elvin Barnecky, ever-present handyman to Bergen in the series, so it is only natural to assume that he is considering a spinoff featuring the same character.

''No, I don't think so,'' said Pastorelli. ''I don't think I want to star in a series. 'Murphy Brown' has been great for me. I'm grateful for it, but I look on it as a stepping stone. My desire is to do more stage. I just started a theater group in Los Angeles. I'll do more television, but 'Here's Elvin,' no.''

Pastorelli is one of the first casualties in ''Dances With Wolves.'' He dies when arrows pierce his chest. It is a particularly realistic sequence, and Pastorelli explains how it was done.

''You want to make sure you know the first name of the special effects guy,'' he said. ''Actually, I wore a breast plate. Some of the arrows that 'hit' me were made to pop out. Others were already in place when the cameras moved in, but others, those that 'pierce' my chest, were on wires,'' he said. ''The wires guide them to my chest.''

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