Heads up! It's 'singles' lettuce

November 28, 1990|By Knight-Ridder News Service

The darlings of the dinner plate -- baby corn and carrots -- are soon to be joined by tiny garbanzo beans and heads of iceberg lettuce.

A tennis-ball-sized head of lettuce was produced by plant geneticist Edward Ryder and plant physiologist William Waycott at the agriculture department laboratory in California.

Mr. Ryder calls it the perfect produce for singles, and it should be on the market by 1993.

Meanwhile, scientists in Oregon, Idaho and Washington have been working in their labs creating a mini garbanzo bean.

The new variety has a nuttier, more peppery flavor than most garbanzos. The mini chickpeas are also resistant to a fungal disease that ruined much of the Northwest's crop in 1987.

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