Raiders' Schroeder not hurt as bad as boo-birds hoped

November 27, 1990|By Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES -- Bad news for Jay Schroeder haters, some of whom cheered the Los Angeles Raiders' quarterback when he was injured in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 27-24 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: He's OK.

Tests on Schroeder's left knee revealed nothing more than a ligament sprain and, knee willing, he will resume control of the team Sunday at Denver.

Apparently, Schroeder's hold on the starting quarterback position is tenuous only in his home bleachers, where he might have placed fourth Sunday in a people's choice award, behind Vince Evans, Steve Beuerlein and George Blanda.

Down on the sidelines, where real decisions are made, Schroeder's support is holding. That was as of yesterday afternoon, of course, so hold all bets.

Raiders coach Art Shell said Schroeder will remain the starter, provided his knee responds this week, which leaves Shell at least some room to maneuver.

"It doesn't appear as bad as we thought it might be," Shell said of Schroeder's knee sprain. "There wasn't any swelling today. It's supposed to be a minor sprain . . . If he's healthy enough to work, he'll be out there with the first unit, yes."

Shell said he will decide on Friday whether Schroeder is ready for the Broncos.

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