Canada goose counts are flying high

November 27, 1990|By Bill Burton

Maryland's November Canada goose count has shown an appreciable increase over 1989, with 377,666 honkers counted in aerial surveys completed last week. The comparable count last year was 287,000.

Most of the honkers were on the upper Eastern Shore, with 134,732 counted in the Chester River area alone -- in addition to 39,706 snow geese and 7,838 tundra swans. Five years ago the Maryland count was 450,436.

But one survey a season does not make because weather can play a part in waterfowl distribution on the Delmarva Peninsula. Marylanders will know more when the season reopens next Monday, Dec. 3.

Meanwhile, in Delaware the November Canada count was 24,484 -- the lowest on record. It was 27,000 last year, and has been as high as 183,000 (1980). The Delaware shoot reopens Dec. 12.

The variances in survey results point up a need for goose counts to be made on a Delmarva-wide basis, a suggestion that Department of Natural Resources assistant secretary Don MacLauchlan seconded yesterday. "We're working in that direction," he said.

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