Readers Write

Readers Write

November 27, 1990


From: W. Ray Huff

District 31 Delegate

I would like to remind residents and community leaders to act now for gypsy moth protection for 1991! If your organization has not been contacted by mail or phone with information about the county's gypsy moth control program, please call 222-7190 for an application for participation this coming spring.

County applications are being accepted through November 30. The current cost estimate for the 1991 program is about $15 to $20 per acre. This is a county cost-sharing program.

Free state spraying is available for eligible communities. State officials say they want to spray insecticide over 850 acres in late April.

Only 200 acres were sprayed last year. My office has been in contact with Sarah Hughes at Anne Arundel's field office for the Maryland Department of Agriculture Forest Pest Management for the past two years. The state will be able to spray almost all the eligible communities this year.

For further information for state spraying blocks, please call 782-7155.

Timing is critical in the battle with gypsy moths. Again, please act now!


From: Mark L. Potter

Community Development Vice-President

Greater Glen Burnie Jaycees

On behalf of the Greater Glen Burnie Jaycees, I would like to thank (Anne Arundel County Sun Glen Burnie Correspondent Bonita Formwalt) for her articles on our annual Haunted House. We had over 3,400 persons attend during the seven nights on which we ran the house. Although our final figures are not yet in, we expect that the house will be a financial success and will allow us to continue to pursue our community-related goals in the ensuing year.

Without your assistance, and the generous help of our many contributors and sponsors, we would be unable to declare this project a success. Once again, thank you for your consideration in providing the news coverage of our event.

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