Bottom-line OriolesThe recent developments concerning the...


November 25, 1990

Bottom-line Orioles

The recent developments concerning the re-signing of Mickey Tettleton have made me wonder whether the Baltimore Orioles owners are concerned about winning or just saving money.

The main factor that has been missing from the team for the past few years has been offense. Certainly, the way to win is not to let a switch-hitting slugger such as Mickey Tettleton get away. Perhaps 1990 was an off-year for Tettleton, and the 1991 season will exemplify Tettleton's true talent.

By not signing Tettleton, the Orioles' owners are saving a lot of money. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for winning.

Tracy J. Kogan Ellicott City

Cheating to win

As the father of two children, I am appalled by the acceptancof cheating in pro sports.

In basketball when a player drives toward the basket, a player on the opposing team falls down. In my opinion, the defensive player cheated. All he wanted was a charging call by the referee.

In baseball, the catcher cheats on every close pitch by pulling an outside pitch in, a high pitch down and a low pitch up.

In football, the punter constantly is falling down trying to get a roughing-the-kicker penalty. But Monday night, I was flabbergasted when one of the commentators remarked how "smart" a Los Angeles Raiders wide receiver was for trying to draw a flag when he purposely fell down in the end zone.

My children, aged 13 and 14, asked me why the commentator said what he said. I had no easy answer. I think it's sad when cheating is an accepted way of playing the game and commentators condone it, especially when young, impressionable children are watching.

Pete Monaldi Baltimore

Manley clears Rose's path

Pete Rose should give thanks to Paul Tagliabue and DexteManley.

Also, the people who want Rose in the baseball Hall of Fame can breathe a sign of relief.

The decision to reinstate Manley takes all the pressure off baseball commissioner Fay Vincent and the Hall of Fame selection committee.

Rose will be reinstated to baseball and into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

I wonder if the two commissioners played politics, or if Tagliabue really believed Dexter Manley deserved a fourth chance?

Ray Wimbish Baltimore

Sports, politics shouldn't mix

Since when do sports organizations such as the NationaFootball League and National Collegiate Athletic Association feel that they have the right to involve themselves in politics, as was done in Arizona? These groups should stick to sports and entertainment, and not intrude into the political arena.

The NFL makes itself look very hypocritical, indeed, with actions like removing the Super Bowl from Phoenix. How many years did these great defenders of civil rights take to promote a black head coach (Art Shell) to their sidelines? 50? 60?

The NCAA? Nothing is mentioned at this time about their various "propositions" that make it impossible for black institutions to compete in an equal level because of educational requirements!

A basic right we have as Americans is the right to vote in free elections for candidates and on issues that concern us. A majority of Arizona's population felt that a holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. was not necessary. Whether it's right or wrong, that's as far as the issue should have gone.

I hope the good people of Arizona stand up, tell the NFL to shove the Super Bowl, tell the NCAA to shove the Fiesta Bowl and go on with life as usual. The wishes of the electorate are more important than the "moral concepts" of sports organizations. Arizona survived many years without football, and will go on for years after this, too.

Henry V. Lindeman Jr. Baltimore

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