The Carroll County Sun Sports Profile of the Week

The Carroll County Sun Sports Profile of the Week

November 25, 1990

Name: Tim Jenkins

Honored by The Carroll County Sun for: Leading the county in scoring with six goals and two assists in boys soccer for South Carroll

Age: 26

Residence; hometown: Mount Airy

Education: Junior at South Carroll High School in Winfield; graduate of Mount Airy Middle School; graduate of Damascus Elementary School in Montgomery County

Family: Mother: Debbie, homemaker; Father: Alan, firefighter in Montgomery County; Brothers: Kenny, 12, attends Mount Airy Middle School and Keith, 7, attends Mount Airy Elementary School

Activities/hobbies: Enjoys ice hockey and traveling

Accomplishments: Earned a varsity letter in soccer, led Carroll County in scoring this season with six goals and two assists

Recipient's comments: "I had set a goal to score six goals this season, I still need to improve my game in some areas. We should have a good team next season and it will be a challenge to improve upon this year."

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