Calculating Final Point Standings Isn't A Smooth Ride


Numerous Factors Enter In As Season Comes To A Close

November 25, 1990|By Nancy Noyes

A little more than a week ago, the 1990 Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association-sanctioned season came to a close.

And, as has happened every year for the past half-century, class and overall scorers sat down to make final tabulations for High Point standings in the dozens of classes.

CBYRA recently announced the preliminary scores and High Point standings for the Handicap and Cruising One-Design classes, although the list for the One-Design division classes is not yet available.

CBYRA High Point awards are made annually in recognition of consistent strong performance, and Cruising-One Design and Handicap class standings are calculated based on a formula that works like this: In each race sailed, each boat/skipper unit earns one point for starting a race and one point for finishing without disqualification, plus one point for each boat beaten and any applicable additional bonus points for long-distance racing.

These scores are totaled to become a qualifier's "points earned" figure, and then divided by 30 plus the total of the maximum number of points it would have been possible to earn if the skipper/boat had finished first in each race sailed.

This means that if someone finishes third in a class of 20, for example, it's worth more in "points earned" than if he finished first in a class of 10, since he has beaten 17 other boats in that race instead of nine.

So final scores for strong performance in the classes that typically have a lot of starters generally are higher than those for the winners in classes with lower participation.

This doesn't mean that winning often in a smaller class is any less challenging or significant in terms of personal satisfaction, and the winners of any class, regardless of size, have achieved something important.

The extra 30 points in the denominator of the equation does weight the scoring in terms of overall cross-class achievement to favor those who rise to the top of the largest classes.

Congratulations to all the top scorers in each of our area's Handicap and Cruising One-Design classes.

Many names on the list are familiar, but there are also a number of relative newcomers, who can be especially proud of themselves.

Region II and III winners and their friends should plan to attend the 1990 Awards Presentation Ceremony luncheon at the Gibson Island Yacht Club on Saturday, Jan. 12.

For more information or reservations, check your November/December "Traveler" or call CBYRA at 269-1194.

High Point Winners Cruising One-Design Division

Alberg 30 (14 qualifiers, 22 events): 1) Sundance, Bill Chambers, Fulton, 0.7910 pts.; 2) Cannonball, Bill Wallop, Annapolis, 0.7485 pts.; 3) Argo, Peter Scheidt, Highland, 0.6783 pts.

Cal 25 (nine qualifiers, 19 events): 1) Pippin, Sam Patterson, Annapolis, 0.7372 pts.; 2) Chicken Little, Charlie Husar, Crownsville, 0.6250 pts.; 3) White Cap, Tim Bloomfield, Chevy Chase, 0.6119 pts.

Catalina 27 (14 qualifiers, 15 events): 1) Pussycat, Bruce Johnson, Bowie, 0.7736 pts.; 2) Swell, Derick Lynch, Arnold, 0.7287 pts.; 3) Finesse, Ernst Becker/Cedric Baxter, Chevy Chase, 0.6489 pts.

J/24 (19 qualifiers, 24 events): 1) Latent Defect, Stewart Spettel/Tim Mowry, Alexandria, Va./Annapolis, 0.7220 pts.; 2) Price of Eggs, Al Goldin, Churchton, 0.7005 pts.; 3) Juice, Tom Wohlgemuth, Annapolis, 0.6906 pts.

J/29 (four qualifiers, 12 events): 1) Mirage, David Lewis/Fred Salvesen, Annapolis/Edgewater, 0.6250 pts.; 2) Posse, Paul Andersen/Mickey Campagna, Annapolis, 0.5938 pts.; 3) Baby Moon, Michael Krissoff, Annapolis, 0.4643 pts.

J/30 (28 qualifiers, 23 events): 1) BeBop, Bill Rutsch/John Aras, Chevy Chase/Annapolis, 0.8000 pts.; 2) Valkyrie, Ron Peterson, Annapolis, 0.7946 pts.; 3) Wooly Bear, Terry & Ted Rapp, Beverly, N.J., 0.7421 pts.

J/35 (15 qualifiers, 10 events): 1) Moonbeam, Will Keyworth/John Danziesen, Annapolis, 0.7303 pts.; 2) Banzai, Max Skelley/Brian Bernstein, Havre de Grace/Bethesda, 0.7194 pts.; 3) Sundog, Paul Parks, Baltimore, 0.6983 pts.

Laser 28 (five qualifiers, six events): 1) A Train, Robert Reeves, Annapolis, 0.5067 pts.; 2) Dark Star, Charles & Julia Sheets, Churchville, 0.4400 pts.; 3) Joe Cool, Joe Phillips, Annapolis, 0.3768 pts.

Olson 30 (two qualifiers, eight events): 1) Moonlighting, Thomas French, Annapolis, 0.5634 pts.; 2) No Breaks, Richard Hinds, Washington, 0.3521 pts.

Pearson 30 (12 qualifiers, 15 events): 1) Mr. Hyde, Steve Bandy, Annapolis, 0.7239 pts.; 2) Results, Arthur Libby, Annapolis, 0.7070 pts.; 3) Vahevala, David Sharp, Edgewater, 0.6536 pts.

Triton (seven qualifiers, 16 events): 1) Pylasteki, Leb Brown, Silver Spring, 0.6330 pts.; 2) Overdraft, David Hoyt, Glen Burnie, 0.6260 pts.; 3) Winsome, Jack Hayes, Annapolis, 0.5476 pts.

High Point Winners Handicap Division

IMS I (16 qualifiers, 21 events): 1) Dancer, William Steitz, Pittsburgh/Annapolis, 0.82508 pts.; 2) Quintessence, Ben Michaelson, Annapolis, 0.74522 pts.; 3) Yellow Jacket, BFSS&W Syndicate, Annapolis, 0.64706 pts.

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