Army Employees Honored For Work

November 25, 1990

Two employees with the Army Armament, Munitions and Chemical Command Element at the U.S. Army Chemical Research, Development and Engineering Center and one CRDEC employee received awards for outstanding contributions to the Department of Defense Chemical Retaliatory Program during fiscal year 1989.

William M. Childers, quality assurance specialist, and Jimmy D.

Pennington, general engineer, both with AMCCOM, along with Robert S. Dean, chemical engineer with CRDEC, were honored at a ceremony where they were presented Producibility Engineering Award plaques.

The three were part of the five-member M687 Projectile, 155mm, GB-2 Binary Projectile CRDEC/AMCCOM Technical Team.

Dean was the team's project engineer for ensuring that the M687 Projectile's M20 and 21 canisters were manufactured according to contract specifications.

Pennington and Childers, representing AMCCOM's Product Assurance Directorate, implemented quality engineering controls during the entire production process for the M687 Projectile.

As members of the team, they were instrumental in keeping the production program on expedited schedules, that the M20/21 canisters were made to Army specifications, and that the M21's final assembly and packaging were carried out.

The three also were cited for initiating the production of the projectile bodies.

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