Around the house* Wash cutlery by hand unless manufacturer...


November 24, 1990|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Wash cutlery by hand unless manufacturer specifies that it is dishwasher safe. Avoid soaking in water, which can loosen wooden handles; dry thoroughly.

* Check smoke alarm once a month. Light a match, extinguish flame and hold smoldering match beneath detector. Alarm will be activated if in good working order.

* Freshen scent of household linens. Sprinkle a few whole cloves or pieces of cinnamon stick in drawer or on shelf when storing tablecloths, napkins and place mats. Place fabric softener sheets between sheets and pillow cases when storing.

* Turn area rugs to equalize wear; change furniture locations from time to time to minimize texture change and wear and tear on carpet.

* Use leftover self-adhesive carpet tile to make a bulletin board. Measure the desired size of the area and stick tiles onto the wall or a backing.

In the garden

* Select a spot to plant an evergreen tree. Make sure the location will be adequate for the tree as it matures. If it is to be brought indoors for the holidays, remember to keep soil ball moist and do not keep inside for more than 10 days.

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