Loyola should be two much next season

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November 23, 1990|By Bill Tanton

POLY, by virtue of its 27-0 win over City yesterday, winds up MSA A Conference co-champion with Gilman, but the Memorial Stadium crowd of 10,000 at the morning Thanksgiving appetizer was buzzing about a couple of Loyola players who will make the Dons a title threat next year. Halfback Brad Hoag, who scored two touchdowns in Loyola's 29-12 victory over Calvert Hall, is a junior, and quarterback Bill Evans is a sophomore. Both know how to get the football in the end zone. Hoag and Evans were the keys to the Dons' 7-2 season this year.

* Tennis fans are dazzled, naturally, by the meteoric rise of 14-year-old Jennifer Capriati to a No. 10 world ranking. For some reason they are more blase about Monica Seles, who began this year ranked No. 6 and now, after winning the Virginia Slims last week, is No. 2. Maybe it's because Seles is a comparative old lady at 16. Both women will play at the Arena next Tuesday night in Pam Shriver's fifth annual First National Bank Tennis Festival presented by The Sun.

* If those clowns who went to Japan this fall and lost their baseball series (3-4-1) are not going to take it seriously, they shouldn't be sent. With ballplayers here now earning as much as $5 million a year, they should at least be able to beat the Japanese.

* Notre Dame's Rocket Ismail has scored a first in Heisman Trophy history. By not playing in the second half in the loss to Penn State last week -- and by having sat out the Irish's other loss to Stanford -- Ismail showed his true worth. He should have a lock on this year's Heisman, which will be awarded on a live CBS-TV show Dec. 1.

* If I were president of the University of Houston, I'd fire football coach John Jenkins for running up an 84-21 score against Eastern Washington last week -- and for leaving starting QB David Klingler (who threw 11 TD passes) in the game until the middle of the fourth quarter. The coach did it, of course, to help Klingler win the Heisman, and in a way what he did was appropriate. The trophy is named for John Heisman, who in 1916 coached Georgia Tech to a 222-0 win over Cumberland College. That was the biggest blowout in football history.

* After noting that Florida State has dropped four football players from the team for not going to class, and after once again seeing the films of the disgraceful brawl between FSU and LSU players this season, I'm reminded of the words of a longtime Eastern athletic director who said the other day of his friend, Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner Gene Corrigan: "I hope he's still going to confession, taking that bunch in the ACC."

* One thing about the Maryland football program that coach Joe Krivak did not have to thrash out with AD Andy Geiger is the playing field at Byrd Stadium. "Four years ago," Krivak says, "artificial turf was a recruiting tool for colleges. Today real grass is. Our grass field is as good as there is."

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