Avoiding theft

November 23, 1990

Area police departments offer these common-sense tips to protect yourself from theft around the holidays:

* Look for well-lighted parking lots.

* Lock your car. Try not to leave any packages inside, even in the trunk.

* If you find yourself carrying heavy packages in a shopping area, try to arrange to leave them at a store's layaway counter or with a clerk until you finish.

* Have your keys ready before going to your car so you don't have to fumble for them at the car door.

* Shop with a friend. If you shop alone, let someone know when you're expected home.

* Don't flash a roll of bills in the store.

* If you use credit cards, get the carbons.

* Carry your handbag securely when walking to and from your car.

* Leave lights on at home; don't approach a darkened doorway.

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