Barrage of holiday movies will force the also-rans from theaters

November 23, 1990|By Los Angeles Times

Nearly two dozen new titles will be battling it out for ticket sales between now and Christmas. Which means a slew of fall releases will have to give up their screens.

Among those that will disappear with hardly a trace at the box office:

* "White Hunter, Black Heart" (Warners), $2.3 million, 59 days.

* "Funny About Love" (Paramount), $8.1 million, 52 days.

* "Narrow Margin" (Tri-Star), $10.6 million, 52 days.

* "Miller's Crossing" (Fox), $4.5 million, 51 days.

* "I Come in Peace" (Triumph), $4.3 million, 45 days.

* "King of New York" (New Line), $2 million, 45 days.

* "State of Grace" (Orion), $2 million, 45 days (no longer being tracked).

* "Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael" (Paramount), $4 million, 41 days.

* "Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones" (Warners), $735,092, 38 days.

* "Texasville" (Columbia), $2.2 million, 38 days (no longer being tracked).

* "The Hot Spot" (Orion), $1.2 million, 31 days.

* "Night of the Living Dead" (Columbia), $5.6 million, 24 days.

* "The Desperate Hours" (MGM-UA), $2.6 million, 17 days (no longer being tracked).

And, though Prince's "Graffiti Bridge" (Warners) is only in its third week, prepare for a quick disappearing act -- it dropped 66 percent in Week 2. Grosses after 10 days: $3.7 million.

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