Vito Stellino's picks

November 22, 1990

In case you're wondering why the NFL doesn't have better attractions today, here's the inside story:

It's part of the NFL's new social consciousness. They're trying to promote better family life in America.

Instead of sitting in front of the television set today watching all those ads, they've decided it'd be better for everyone to spend more family time together.

You don't believe that? I guess you're not in the holiday spirit.

Anyway, let's hope things aren't as tough as they were last week, when the Bills, favored by 15, won by 14 and the Bears, favored by 1/2 , won by 3.

Broncos (-1) 21, Lions 14 -- The Broncos want to stop Dan Reeves from crying.

Redskins (-6) 28, Cowboys 7 -- There's a lot at stake for the Redskins. Whoever wins player of the game honors is supposed to get a leg from John Madden's holiday turkey. It'll beat that airline food on the trip home.

Last week's record: 7-7; Against the spread:5-9. Best bets: 0-4 (ouch).

Season record: 93-49. Against the spread:69-71-2. Best bets: 23-21.

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