Proper care is essential


November 22, 1990|By Nancy Konesko | Nancy Konesko,Knight-Ridder News Service

Hair may be a woman's crowning glory, but for career women of the '90s, the important fashion statement is a full set of long, beautifully groomed fingernails.

The following tips can help your nails grow stronger and longer:

*Don't use your nails as tools.

*Don't expose your hands to harsh chemicals.

*Wear rubber gloves and work gloves for major chores.

*Use a good cuticle oil and rub it into the cuticles regularly.

*Trim hangnails, but never cut your cuticles. At one time, manicurists did cut cuticles, but now they realize the cuticle protects the nail from infection.

*Replenish your nails with oil.

*Keep your nails healthy and flexible with hot oil manicures.

*Use the new products that harden your own nails as they grow. You can find them in salons and stores.

*Protect your nails from extreme temperatures to minimize breakage.

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